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VERIHANKO – The New Verification Stamp for yourself

Only one your stamp in the world!
100% Ordermade from Japan.
QR Code Stamp for your verification.
Increase your follower of Homepage,Blog,Facebook,Twitter,Google+,YouTube,Instagram…etc.



1.Hi I will explain what is VERIHANKO and how to use it.
2.You can press about 100 times to 150 times by one drop of this refill ink.
3.So, you can use VERIHANKO for all your properties you have.
4.Also can use with signature of Contract paper or MOU to verify yourself.
5.If you stamped VERIHANKO on your business card people can understand easily who you are or SNS activity.
6.You can get the white seal and the transparent seal (these are the free gift from JAPAZINE STORE of Facebook) to put on various properties like Smartphones or Point cards, Car keys, Umbrellas etc… Any idea you have.





This stamp can be press about 100 times without adding the ink.
You can repeat to use this stamp by refill the ink included in body.

Please try to press on unnecessary paper before using.

“Replenishment of ink”

Refill Ink(5cc) is stored in the stamp body.

You can press about 100 times to 150 times by one drop of this refill ink.

On the calculation, you can press around 3,000 to 4,000 times at this one bottle.

Please put ink directly on stamp surface. Please do not put on too much.

If the imprint color is thin or dry, please put ink directly on stamp surface and wipe off by tissue paper after about 3 minutes. And try to press several times.

Still coated surface with ink, do not leave for a long time.

Please sure to lid cap otherwise ink will dry out.

Please clean up the stamp surface with tissue paper.

“Notes and others”

If you do not use for a long time the ink shall be solidify

In this case, please re-replenishment of ink as described in Figure 2 picture.

Please be care do not press strongly ink bottle to avoid splattering ink.

Please do not use non-dedicated ink.

(Ink has been sold separately) Figure 5 picture. Please contact us.

After remove extra ink please lid sure.

Please store ink an upright position because it may leak.

Please wash flow immediately with water if the ink gets into your eyes.

In addition, if it is abnormal, please consult your doctor.

It may not be able to wipe out such as ink attached to clothing.

Avoid the misuse, to hold the quality, please do not replace the ink to other container.

Please do not disassemble or scratch the stamp or do not wet by water.

Avoid heat and humidity, please store stamp in the cool place.

Please do not included ink in mouth.

Also, please keep out of reach of baby and children.

Please be sure to accompany an adult if the child is to use.

We will deliver this item free shipping to all countries in

the world

It takes about 2 weeks to bring VERIHANKO to you from Japan.